Using the Web to Find Local
Business and Market Information

By Marcy Phelps

Foreword by Mary Ellen Bates

"This book covers an area of business research that simply hasn’t been addressed before, and it fills an important gap in any researcher’s toolkit."
 - Mary Ellen Bates, Bates Information Services, Inc.

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What People Are Saying About Research On Main Street

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Choice Reviews review by G. M. Klein, Willamette University
"This handbook takes the reader on a conceptual road trip through "Main Street" of "Anytown," focusing solely on the US. The author's style works well, whether the reader is a veteran librarian, a corporate researcher, or a student...Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through professionals."

Online review by Deborah Lynne Wiley
"I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for local business information. It will make you think about what you are seeking and then help you find it."

Marketing Mirror review by Michael Brandt
"A highly usable and practical book highlighting an often neglected area of market research, Marcy Phelps’ Research on Main Street is a valuable addition to your research tool kit."

Midwest Book Review
"With plenty of advice on resources to research with for this particular endeavor, "Research on Main Street" is a must for any entrepreneur who is willing to put in the research to succeed on Main street."

AIIP Connections review by Sonia Isotov
"...a resourceful book and an entertaining read. Marcy uses the road-trip metaphor to turn what could be a terrifying trip down the local market research lane into a fun-filled, technologically savvy experience, with stops along the way to visit some of the information industry’s leading experts"

Research on Main Street: Find the Right Local Information to Make Strategic Decisions by Ellen Naylor
"This book stands alone as the only research source I know of which focuses on how to find and use local and regional sources in the US. In short, Research on Main Street is a must read for anyone seeking the right local information to make strategic decisions."

FUMSI Forum - Book Review: Research on Main Street by Ellen Naylor
"What sets this book apart is the strategic information approach that the author develops to ensure success for information gathering & organization...In short, Research on Main Street is a must read for anyone seeking local information, which will strengthen your business or marketing research knowledge base."

Research on Main Street – New Resource for Business Researchers
by Kim Dority
"So far I’ve used this book to identify ten potential clients I’m going to reach out to in Colorado, provided competitive analyses for two existing clients for communities in California and Ohio, and used the “Looking for Locals” chapter to identify potential panelists for an upcoming nonprofit event I’m part of. It’s quickly become a go-to resource that lets me find and deliver the information clients (and I) need reliably and cost-effectively. Ya done good, Marcy."

Thanks for the book endorsements:

Christine Hamilton-Pennell, Founder and President, Growing Local Economies, Inc.
"As a long-time researcher focusing on business and economic research at the local level, I read this book with anticipation and was not disappointed. ... I gained a wealth of new insights about sources and strategies. ... A gold mine!"

Ellen Naylor, CEO, Business Intelligence Source
"Local personalities, economics, and demographics often impact pivotal business decisions. This book is the authority on how to approach, identify, and use local resources to make important strategic decisions."

Robin Neidorf, Director of Research, FreePint
"My favorite thing about this book is its practical focus: It's impossible to read any page of this useful guide and not come away with at least one handy tip for improving your research technique."

Michael Gurton, MarketLink Program Director, Oregon Microenterprise Network
"Performing local market research is a completely different terrain than researching larger-scale companies. Research on Main Street is an essential guide for knowing where to look, evaluating good resources and who to talk to. Following Phelps's instructions, it will be possible to develop the craftiness and savvy to find valuable information to help local business and communities."

Kimberly Elahab, Prospect Research Unlimited LLC.

“Marcy's new book Research on Main Street is a must read for every researcher who does any form of corporate research for the public or private sectors. This book is so rich with resources! I consider myself an experienced researcher and found several resources I didn't know about that will enhance my work.”

Cindy Shamel, Shamel Information Services, in the May 2011 issue of Information Update Newsletter
"Until now there has been no targeted guide to this type of research. Research on Main Street fills the gap...In this one-of-a-kind resource Phelps provides background, search strategies, and key sources to help readers find reliable local-level information on a budget. Phelps puts this research niche in context, coaching the reader to look at how a given geographic area relates to larger geographic areas, how it relates to nearby geographic areas, and how it relates to similar areas from other regions. Learning this kind of strategic thinking alone justifies the cost of the book."

Marge King, InfoRich Group
"In my never-ending quest to keep my skills sharp, I am continually reading about privately-held businesses, specifically how to research and value them. I just finished reading Marcy Phelps' new book, Research On Main Street.  With its focus on free or low cost sources, it is full of practical information on researching local companies...I highly recommend reading her book..."

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