Using the Web to Find Local
Business and Market Information

By Marcy Phelps

Foreword by Mary Ellen Bates

"This book covers an area of business research that simply hasn’t been addressed before, and it fills an important gap in any researcher’s toolkit."
 - Mary Ellen Bates, Bates Information Services, Inc.

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Chapter Nine
Paying at the Pump: Fee-Based Sources For Local Business Information

ACCRA Cost of Living Index (www.coli.org): Use this source for city-by-city cost-of-living comparisons. This is helpful for people or companies relocating to a new area and for when you’re trying to understand target geographic markets.

Acxiom (www.acxiom.com): Go to this resource for consumer lists, compiled through public records, census data, surveys, catalog companies, and other list providers. Customize lists by geography, demographics, and psychographics.

BizMiner (www.bizminer.com): Well known for its industry analysis reports, this resource currently offers three geography-based products for identifying local industry trends: Local Market Research Reports, Competitive Market Analyzer, and Regional Business Profiles.

Claritas MarketPlace (www.claritas.com/MarketPlace/Default.jsp): Through its Claritas MarketPlace site, Nielsen Claritas sells several low-cost reports and maps, customized by geography. These products are an excellent source for demographics, including five-year projections, for small geographic units.

Cost of Living Index: See ACCRA Cost of Living Index

Dialog (www.dialog.com): This database product used by professional researchers compiles information from many reliable sources, provides advanced searching for drilling to the local level, and offers specialized local content.

Dun & Bradstreet (www.dnb.com): Dun & Bradstreet provides business lists of public and private companies, compiled through public records and directories. Data can be customized by geography, job title, company size, and industry.

Equifax (www.equifax.com): Through this resource, you can purchase business lists, customized by geography, job title, revenues, number of employees, and industry.

Esri (www.esri.com): This company offers geographic information system software and services and location-based data, including demographics, consumer spending, market potential, geographic maps and aerial imagery, and traffic counts.

Experian (www.experian.com): One of the major sources of business leads and direct mailing lists, this resource will create customized lists by geography and other variables.

Factiva (www.factiva.com): This resource, used by many professional researchers, includes specialized tools and content that help you quickly find articles, reports, and other sources of local information.

Hoover’s (www.hoovers.com): This subscription-based product provides business lists with public and private companies. Lists can be created according to geographic location, company size, and other variables.

InfoUSA.com (www.infousa.com): One of several mailing list and list service providers, this resource helps identify and count buyers and competitors, based on geography. You can get business or name counts for free. For a fee, you have the ability to download lists, with unlimited use for one year.

LexisNexis (www.lexisnexis.com): A subscription-based resource geared toward professional researchers, this product includes specialized content and features for finding local-level information.

Moody’s Analytics Research Store (www.economy.com/store): At this site, you can purchase individual Moody’s reports and tables that focus on smaller geographic units. The easiest way to find products with local-level information is through the U.S. Metro Areas link.

Morningstar Document Research (documentresearch.morningstar.com): This is a powerful tool for searching SEC filings for information about companies, products, and markets. Special geographic-search features help you quickly drill to the local level.

NewsLibrary.com (nl.newsbank.com): A database of articles from thousands of U.S. newspapers, this resource is searchable by region, state, or a specific newspaper. Purchase individual articles or a monthly subscription, which allows you to view, print, and save up to 25 articles per month.

NextMark (www.nextmark.com): This source, used by many professional list brokers, is for buying and selling business lists.

Nielsen Claritas: See Claritas MarketPlace

PolicyMap (www.policymap.com): A provider of maps and mapping services, PolicyMap offers a vast collection of data that can be saved easily in nicely formatted reports, maps, and tables. It’s an excellent source of information about the health of a local economy and a good choice when you need to compare data across geographic locations or view trends over time.

Standard Rate Data Service (www.srds.com): Like NextMark, this site is generally used by professional list brokers to purchase reliable, customized business mailing lists.
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